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ACA employs a Continuous Enrollment model for re-enrollment. This simply means that returning students will not be required to complete re-enrollment forms each year. 

The video below will provide you with a brief overview of the Continuous Enrollment process and what you can expect each year.

Continuous Enrollment FAQs

Continuous Enrollment is a simple way to keep your student enrolled at ACA through graduation without the need to complete tedious enrollment forms each year. If you choose to unenroll your student, simply complete the opt-out form prior to February 15th to let us know that your student will not be returning for the next academic year.

The school will send a reminder of the upcoming enrollment fee payment in January. Families will receive an invoice around March 1st for the initial $400/student enrollment fee payment. This payment will then be drafted from the family's FACTS account via Incidental Billing on March 15th. The remaining $400/student will be rolled into the family's upcoming tuition plan.

All families will automatically be enrolled into the same plan for the upcoming year.  If a change in plan is needed for the upcoming school year, simply contact the accounting office to request a change in your tuition plan.

Simply complete the Continuous Enrollment Opt-Out Form by 11:59pm on February 15th and you will not be invoiced for the upcoming year. 

The non-refundable $400 initial enrollment fee will automatically be drafted from your account if you have not submitted the Opt-Out Form before 11:59pm on February 15th.

No, Continuous enrollment only applies to students completing grades K5 - 11. We will contact our K4 parents to determine who is staying for kindergarten and provide further instructions at that time.

We will communicate to families via email each January to remind you of the upcoming enrollment fee payment and to notify you of any changes to tuition, fees, etc.  All tuition and fees will also be kept up-to-date on the school website.


Since part of the student's enrollment fee is added to the tuition plan, if a student withdraws from school mid-year, any enrollment fee balance will be due in full in addition to a $100 processing fee. We will be unable to release the student's academic records until all outstanding balances are paid.

All students will be charged the intial payment of $400. Once the tuition plan has been finalized, you may login to your FACTS account and pay the remaining balance at any time.

If you change your mind and would like to re-enroll for the following year, contact our admissions office. If space is available, your student(s) will be re-enrolled and your FACTS account will be charged the initial $400 fee plus an additional $100 processing fee per student. 



Continuous Enrollment Opt-Out Form
  • If your student WILL NOT be returning for the next academic year, you must complete this form prior to 11:59pm on February 15th in order to avoid being invoiced the non-refundable re-enrollment fee of $400. If this form is not submitted prior to this deadline the draft cannot be reversed.

    Please be advised K4 parents do not need to complete this form if their student is not continuing to Kindergarten at ACA.

    **Please note** This form should only be completed if you will be withdrawing your K5-11th grade student at the completion of the current school year.  If you opt-out and later decide to re-enroll your student you will incur a $100 processing fee per student.

    Please complete one form per student.

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  • I understand that in order to avoid being invoiced/drafted the non-refundable enrollment fee this form must have been submitted prior to 11:59pm on February 15th, as per the Continuous Enrollment Policy. I also understand that if I am submitting this form after this deadline the draft cannot be reversed. Further, I agree that if I later decide to re-enroll my student(s) into the next academic year, I will be billed an administrative fee of $100/student. 

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