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Athletics help provide a well rounded education for students at Arkansas Christian Academy. There are many lessons in life that can only be learned on a field or  a court. These are the type of lessons that teach students perserverence, selflessness, respect, and a healthy dose of determination.  While these lessons can be taught in the classroom, or even at home, those learned in the heat of competition will never be forgotten.  These are the moments that can forge qualities within an athlete that last a lifetime.  Of course, academics are always given priority at ACA, but if a student is proven to be conscientious in the classroom, and is interested in athletics, he/she is given the opportunity to participate.  

Arkansas Christian Academy currently offers Boy's/Girl's Basketball, Football, Girl's Volleyball, and Cheerleading.  We are always growing and expanding our offerings, so please let us know if there is an extra-curricular activity, in which your child would like to participate.

Please click the links on this page to find out more about each of the sports we offer at ACA.  If you love to work hard and want to WIN, we would love to have you join a team and become an Arkansas Christian Academy Knight!