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COVID-19 Plan

Students who show any symptoms of being sick must stay home (fever, cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, stomach issues, new loss of taste and/or smell). Student temperatures may be taken if a teacher or staff member notices a student exhibiting any symptoms. If students are showing symptoms, a parent will be notified for pick-up.

If a student has a fever of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or more (whether during school hours or home), the student must stay home and not return to school until they are symptom free (without medication) for 48 hours. Families should provide a doctor’s note to the school office when they receive any diagnosis. All COVID-19 test results must immediately be shared with the school administration.

If a student is diagnosed with COVID-19, the student must stay home for a two-week period and be cleared by a doctor before returning to school. All in-home siblings must stay home for the same two-week period. A doctor’s note will be required before all students can return to school. Students will receive remote learning instruction while off campus.

If a student has any form of prolonged direct contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19, he/she must stay home for a two-week period while receiving remote learning instruction. If a family member of a student has been in direct contact with a COVID-19 patient, the student is allowed to attend school with daily screening in place. The family member is expected to show caution and remain off campus for a two-week period.

Visitors/parents will not be allowed inside school buildings unless it is for official school business (a scheduled meeting with teacher/admin). All pick up and drop off should take place outside in the carpool line. If a visitor/parent has to enter the building, a screening process will be administered, including a temperature check. Face coverings are required.

Please remember that if a student or faculty/staff member tests COVID-19 positive, HIPAA laws prevent Arkansas Christian from identifying that person. The ADH will give clear direction on who should be informed, regarding risk of exposure and quarantine guidelines for individuals, classrooms, grades, etc.

Student classrooms and meeting spaces will be cleaned on a daily basis, multiple times per day, with CDC-approved disinfectant. Air purifiers that use LEDs, electromagnetic energy, and ionized hydro-peroxides have been installed on our HVAC system. These are proven to be safe and effective at cleansing the air. Foggers will also be utilized in our sanitization procedures when the building is empty and overnight.

Hand sanitizing stations will be accessible in various locations around campus for use by students, faculty, and staff. Students may bring a personal supply (4oz. size) of hand sanitizer to keep on their person. Taking advantage of the stations or the personal supply will provide regular sanitizing opportunities for all students.

Students, particularly younger students, will have regular hand washing times, similar to previous years. We will encourage all students to frequently wash their hands during the school day. Regular sanitization will take place on all door handles, entry/exit points, cafeterias, and activity spaces.

All family, faculty/staff members, and students should use caution when away from school to decrease the risk of contact with COVID-19. Our ability to work as a team will be a key component to decreasing our exposure risk while on campus. During the school year, avoid known hotspot areas after school hours and on weekends, wear a mask when social distancing is not possible, and follow good hygiene practices. Students should use caution when congregating after school hours and on weekends (due to risk of exposure) and then coming back on campus.

Student temperatures will be checked with a touchless thermal temperature scanner/thermometer by school staff as students enter each building during morning drop-off. If a student reads higher than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, they will not be allowed to remain at school. Parents/guardians will wait briefly until their student’s temperature is verified.

Students will be assigned to classroom seats designed to meet social distancing guidelines. They will have as much personal space as possible. School administration will require all teachers to utilize detailed classroom seating charts to assist the ADH with any potential social tracing that might take place upon a positive COVID-19 result.

Students will be required to bring their own water bottles (all grades). We suggest that each student bring 2 sealable water bottles daily to minimize the need to refill throughout the day. Each water fountain in the school will be closed for use; teachers will be refilling bottles from water pitchers in the classroom.

Students should refrain from bringing items from home that are not necessary for school activities. Students should not share school-issued items with other students outside of their classroom. This includes balls, toys, electronics, etc. Snacks or treats to be shared among classmates will also not be permitted.

Students must use social distancing during passing periods, walking the hallways, etc. to mitigate close contact with other students whenever it’s possible to do so.

Arkansas Christian is committed to offering on-campus learning, five days a week, for the entirety of the school year. Your tuition and fees will afford the opportunity for you to choose in-classroom instruction or a virtual learning option. Those families interested in participating in virtual learning will need to contact a school administrator to discuss the learning option that best meets the needs of their family. Families may opt to return to on-campus learning at the end of each nine-week grading period, as long as space is available.

We will utilize a model that involves livestreaming in most classes. Remote learning students will be able to view the teacher during live instruction and will follow the same basic class schedule as those on campus. Students will be able to access recorded, key live-streamed lessons and other critical class components via Google Classroom.

The school is committed to the safety of all students, faculty/staff, and parents. Face coverings (masks/gaiters) are welcome to be worn, but they are not required during classroom hours, as we will be social distancing. However, all students should bring a face covering to school each day, which is to be kept in the student's backpack in case he/she were to become symptomatic during school.

Only Students age 10 years and older are required to wear their face coverings each morning when they get out of the car, until their temperature is taken and is verified to be below 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as during afternoon dismissal. Any face covering worn must be appropriate in nature, not containing questionable wording or images.

Family Units:

Classrooms will be referred to as “family units” for the sake of daily structure, prevention, and any potential tracing that might be required. This means students will travel together without close interaction with others, staying with their family unit. Students will engage in activities, recess, and lunch with those in their assigned class. By keeping students in their family units, we are more capable of preventing any possible spread of COVID-19 amongst fellow students, faculty, and families and more able to assist with social tracing, if needed. This approach might change as the year progresses and we feel more comfortable with student interactions across classrooms/grades.

Social Distancing:

Classroom desks will be arranged to allow for as much personal space as possible, while understanding complete social distancing is not feasible in a classroom.

Face Coverings:

At this time, students will not be required to wear a face covering inside the classrooms, during activities, recess, or lunch while socially distanced. Students age 10 and older will wear face coverings until their temperature is verified to be below 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit upon arrival, as well as during afternoon dismissal. However, all students should bring a face covering to school each day, which is to be kept in the student's backpack in case he/she were to become symptomatic during school.

Daily Screening:

We ask each parent to check their child's temperature (especially younger students) daily before arriving at school to help mitigate the spread of all illnesses. Any student with a fever above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit will not be allowed to attend school that day. See health guidelines for more information. 

Morning Drop Off:

School and security personnel will unload cars in our designated unloading zones during morning drop-off. Students age 10 and older will be required to wear face coverings until they get their temperature checked at arrival. Parents are expected to stay in cars and utilize the carpool line, waiting until their child’s temperature has been verified to be below 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit. At this point, students will proceed straight to their assigned classrooms. Hallways will be monitored to ensure students follow these protocols.

Afternoon Pick Up:

Elementary students will be dismissed at 3:30pm. All students must be picked up using the carline. Students will not be allowed to check out early to avoid the line, enforced after 3:00pm. As students prepare for pick up, they will sit with their assigned class, socially distanced from other students. As they exit the building, they will stand in designated areas with face coverings in place for those age 10 and older.

Class Rotation:

Students in 4th/5th grade will remain in their homeroom classroom with the teachers rotating for all subjects throughout the day. Elementary activity teachers (ex. librarian, art teacher, etc.) will visit the classrooms, as needed, to minimize student travel throughout the day. PE will be held in the gym or outside with social distancing measures in place. These procedures will be in place at the start of school and will be reevaluated as the year progresses.

Social Distancing:

We have attempted to reconfigure our classrooms in order to maintain social distancing guidelines as much as possible. The movement and congregation of students during the passing period will be reduced as much as possible. During passing periods, students should go immediately to their next class.


Locker use will be kept to a minimum to prevent congestion in the hallways. All grade levels have e-books for their core classes, which will help decrease the carrying load for students.

Morning Drop Off:

Middle/high students will either be dropped off in the designated unloading zones or will park in student parking upon arrival, as usual. Middle/high students will be required to wear face coverings until their temperature is checked. Parents dropping off their student are expected to wait until their child’s temperature has been verified to be below 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Parents of student drivers will be notified if their temperature is 100.4 or above. Students allowed to stay will proceed to their first period classrooms without congregating in the hallways. Hallways will be monitored to ensure students follow these protocols.

Afternoon Dismissal:

Middle/high students will be dismissed at 3:17pm. Student drivers who do not have after-school responsibilities must leave the building without lingering and immediately leave campus without loitering. Middle/high students will be required to wear face coverings during afternoon dismissal.

Daily chapel services will be held for all grade levels K5-12th. Seating by grade level and other social distancing protocols will be followed.

Seating in the lunchroom will be divided by grade level and social distancing will be followed as much as possible. Students eating hot lunch will maintain an appropriate distance from the serving area and will be served by the cafeteria staff. No entrance by parents or visitors will be permitted.

Early care will be held in the ACA gym, and after care will be held in the upstairs of the Family Church Building or outside. Social distancing guidelines will be followed as closely as possible during these extended care periods.

The Arkansas Activities Association will determine all rules pertaining to 7th-12th grade athletics and activities. We will follow the guidelines set forth by the association throughout the year. We will communicate any updates, as necessary. If you would like, you may also visit to stay abreast of any changes.

We do not have any information regarding elementary basketball to share at this time.

We will communicate with our students and families about annual school events/activities as we get more information as to if, when and how they can be safely conducted.

See below for a video message from Pastor Perry dated 7/13/20. This information is accurate as of the time of filming and will be updated as necessary in order to stay current with the fluid COVID-19 situation and guidelines. 

COVID-19 Protocol

Pastor Perry shares a COVID-19 protocol update.