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At Arkansas Christian Academy, security is our top priority!  With school violence on the rise nationwide, we endeavor to prepare for any and all possible contingencies on our campus.  We take every precaution within our means to protect the students entrusted in our care every day. We are constantly striving to improve our security protocol by implementing new technologies, as well as incorporating highly effective tactical techniques into our disaster preparation. We feel that the subject of campus security is everchanging and plan to utilize any and all means possible to ensure a safe learning environment for our students, as well as a safe work environment for our staff.  After all, when students and staff feel safe and secure, they are free to concentrate on education.

Here are just a few of the many security measures we utilize on campus at ACA:

  • Gated Campus Entry
  • Secured Entry to All Buildings
  • Trained Security Staff on Standby
  • Hall Pass Visitor Management 
  • And Much More

If you plan to visit Arkansas Christian Academy, please watch the video below to learn how Hall Pass provides an additional layer of security for the children on our campus.

Hall Pass Visitor Management System

Pastor Perry introduces us to the Hall Pass Visitor Management System