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Uniform Requirements

Students at Arkansas Christian Academy are required to wear a school uniform daily.  The ACA Uniform Policy can be found in our Resources section here.

Why a School Uniform?


Benefits for Parents/Students

Students whose school require uniforms experience less pressure in deciding what to wear and take less time to get ready each morning.  The overall expense of a uniform is less than trying to keep up with everchanging fashion trends.  The use of a uniform leads to a decrease in peer pressure to wear trendy brands and styles.  Just as an athelete on a sports team, a uniform promotes a sense of belonging for those in uniform.  Parents enjoy the ability to reuse and recycle a child's uniform from one student to the next.  Most importantly, however, is how the school uniform allows a student to develop his/her own individuality outside of his/her appearance.  Students in uniform learn to express themselves in different ways and to evaluate themselves and eachother by who they are on the inside, where it counts.

Benefits for Schools

The introduction of a school uniform has been proven to decrease peer pressure and violence among students.  A uniform encourages discipline and allows students to freely concentrate on class lessons bringing order to the classroom.  Teachers are able to focus on important topics during classtime without the added distraction of dealing with clothing issues.  Intruders in the school are also easily recognized due to the uniform appearance of those that belong.