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High School is an exciting time in the life of a student, as this is the time students start thinking of their future education beyond ACA.  As a student enters High School it's time to start thinking more seriously about the courses he/she plans to take and begin to develop a graduation plan. ACA requires that students receive 27 credits in order to graduate. The ultimate goal of Arkansas Christian Academy is to adequately prepare each student to attend the college of his/her choice. The school counselor will meet with each student individually each year to discuss the course options available and develop a plan to meet the student's graduation goals. 


Graduation Requirements

  • Bible – 4
  • English – 4
  • Math – 4
  • Science – 3
  • Social Science – 3
  • Foreign Language – 1
  • Physical Education – ½
  • Fine Arts – ½
  • Oral Communication – ½
  • Health and Safety – ½
  • Electives – 6
  • Total - 27


We also offer Dual Enrollment/Concurrent Courses through the College of the Ouachitas in Malvern. These courses are taken online at our campus. For more info regarding Dual Enrollment, please click the link on this page.