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 The Fine Arts are an important component in a well-rounded curriculum. As many schools are cutting Fine Arts programs, ACA has continued to expand its offerings to create a program of artistic enrichment for our students.

Fine Arts at ACA include such courses as Art, Choir, Music, and Band. Fine Arts are incorporated throughout our curriculum from Kindergarten through High School. Depending on grade and interest students can have many Fine Art related electives to choose from in High School, such as Art, Graphic Design, etc.



Elementary students attend Art classes weekly throughout the year.  This is a great opportunity for students to express themselves through creativity and artistic expression.  Art class provides students with a break from traditional classroom academia, and gives them the opportunity to apply their talents in their own unique way.  




Studies show that the benefits of an elementary music program extends far beyond the walls of the music classroom.  Children who participate in a music program show an increased learning capacity, a higher IQ, and better performance in other areas of their education.  For this reason, students in the ACA elementary school also attend Music classes each week.  Music class provides students with a foundation based on the different types and methods used to create the sounds and melodies found in musical compositions.  Students enjoy this time and sometimes even discover a hidden talent they may not have found otherwise.