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Middle School students are transitioning from Elementary and learning to be more responsible with their academics.  Middle School Teachers are there to bridge the gap as students traverse this milestone.  Children are academically challenged in Middle School by a wide variety of course offerings.  Students move between classes and teachers throughout the day.  At this point in an ACA education, students are transitioning away from A Beka and into more advanced curriculum, such as Bob Jones University Math, Science, English, Literature, etc.

As students enter High School they have become accustomed to the expectations of different instructors and the rigors of life in secondary school.  The High School daily structure is similar to Middle School in that students are exposed to more advanced curriculum, however the course options range for each student based upon their academic experience up to this point.  We offer a wider variety of courses in High School,  including many elective courses that challenge each student academically.  These upper level courses encourage critical thinking that assists students in developing the real world skills needed for life beyond High School. 

By the time a student graduates from High School at Arkansas Christian Academy, he/she will be fully prepared to continue his/her education at the collegiate level.