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Physical Education

Physical Education is an important aspect of the educational experience! Student need to move, it not only helps keep them healthy it also helps them learn! Students at ACA Elementary attend PE classes 2 or 3 days a week and enjoy a little time to learn about sports, have fun, and release a bit of energy at the same time.  

PE classes are fun, organized and effecient.  Teachers keep the kids interested, while also teaching a wide variety of Physical Education material.  Students learn a wide variety of information in PE, such as rules of different types of sporting events, how their muscular, respiratory, and skeletal systems work together during activity, and different exercises they can do to stay fit.  PE is sometimes a much needed break from the classroom as well.  Children enjoy the freedom of movement and participating in a physical activity.

Physical Education is part of the weekly curriculum from K5-8th grade and is also one of the required credits to graduate from High School at ACA.