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  Name Title
Sunni Ackley Ackley, Sunni 1st Grade Teacher
Jackie Barner Barner, Jackie School Counselor
Shamon Bell Bell, Shamon MS/HS Teacher, Coach
Perry Black Black, Perry Administrator
Rhonda Blackburn Blackburn, Rhonda 3rd Grade Teacher
Claire Bonnette Bonnette, Claire 4th/5th Grade Teacher
David Brewer Brewer, David MS/HS Teacher
Rylee Buck Buck, Rylee MS/HS Teacher
David Clinton Clinton, David Head of School
Kinley Discenza Discenza, Kinley Teacher’s Aide
Stacy Discenza Discenza, Stacy Admissions
Miranda Elizondo Elizondo, Miranda Kindergarten Teacher
Ginny Feimster Feimster, Ginny Accounting
Chyann Fisk Fisk, Chyann Preschool Teacher
Peyton Girlinghouse Girlinghouse, Peyton Teacher’s Aide
Lance Goddard Goddard, Lance Elementary Bible teacher/Associate Pastor
Tina Goddard Goddard, Tina Elementary Principal
Leah Henderson Henderson, Leah Childrens Ministry Supervisor
Yerik Henderson Henderson, Yerik Chapel/Associate Minister
James Henley Henley, James Associate Minister
Lainna Henley Henley, Lainna Second Chance Ranch
Linda Hester Hester, Linda Housekeeping
Quinton Jackson Jackson, Quinton
Sara Jondro Jondro, Sara 1st Grade Teacher
Kendall Jones Jones, Kendall
Chrissy Keith Keith, Chrissy Administrative Assistant
Bradley Lattin Lattin, Bradley Middle/High School Principal, Athletic Director, Associate Pastor
Gabrielle Lattin Lattin, Gabrielle Teacher’s Aide
Jennifer Lattin Lattin, Jennifer Dean of Students
Alice Lyman Lyman, Alice HS Teacher/Cheer Coach
Candice Markle Markle, Candice office manager
Cindy McDaniels McDaniels, Cindy Accounting
Shelley Miller Miller, Shelley 2nd Grade Teacher
Jessica Moen Moen, Jessica
Nikki Monroe Monroe, Nikki 4th/5th Grade Teacher
Louisa Morgan Morgan, Louisa 4th/5th Grade Teacher
Leslie Murray Murray, Leslie
ACA Nurse Nurse, ACA Nurse
Jaime Parker Parker, Jaime Accounting
Linda Peery Peery, Linda
Olga Probst Probst, Olga MS/HS Teacher
Jessica Ray Ray, Jessica Preschool Teacher
Monica Ray Ray, Monica 4th/5th Grade Teacher
Jamie Rodriguez Rodriguez, Jamie 2nd Grade Teacher
Tina Rogers Rogers, Tina Kindergarten Teacher
Brendon Scott Scott, Brendon MS/HS Teacher, Coach
Tammy Seymore Seymore, Tammy Cafeteria
Jessica Shepherd Shepherd, Jessica Preschool Teacher
Candy Stewart Stewart, Candy Preschool Teacher
Elana Tate Tate, Elana 3rd Grade Teacher
Ben Thomas Thomas, Ben MS/HS Teacher, Assistant Athletic Director, Coach
Paula Thornton Thornton, Paula SKILS Teacher
Sharon Tuggle Tuggle, Sharon Preschool Director
Sarah VanMorkhoven VanMorkhoven, Sarah Elementary Secretary
Morgan Waite Waite, Morgan Preschool Teacher
Kara Wright Wright, Kara HS Teacher

Advisory Board

The Arkansas Christian Academy Advisory Board is a group of people who provide insight into various areas of operation within the school.  These members each have different occupations within the community and share opinions and advice on varying topics, given their area of expertise.

The advisory board meets once a month to discuss new and upcoming programs and their impact on the ACA community.  



2022/2023 Advisory Board 


David Hannah - President

Amanda Townsend - Vice President

Matt Bell

Christen Ferguson

Wally Pollich