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Middle School


Middle School at ACA is designed for students in 6-8th grade.  This school is located on the lower floor of the Middle/High School Building, which is behind the Elementary School Building.

Students in Middle school rotate between classes on the lower floor of the building, which keeps interaction with older students at a minimum. This allows our staff to focus on the needs of the middle school students, as they make the sometimes difficult transition from Elementary school into the new rigors of Middle School life.


High School


High School students at ACA utilize the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Middle/High School Building. Beyond the core requirements, we offer a variety of elective courses for High School students, such as ACT Prep, Information Technology, Forensic Science, Physics, as well as many others.  Students at this level are being prepared to graduate, and teachers are working to facilitate a smooth transition into their future collegiate education. Teachers work daily to ready their students for this transition by challenging them to think critically and intelligently in their daily assignments.