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Lunch Calendar

September 2021
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Pepperjack Tornado, Chips & Salsa, Mexican Rice, Mandarin Oranges
Potato Bar (6-12)
Chicken Fries, Mac & Cheese, Green Beans, Choc Cake
Breakfast for Lunch - Egg and Cheese Omelet, Bacon, French Toast Sticks, and Peaches
Popcorn Chicken, Mac & Cheese, Baked Beans, Apple Cobbler
Grilled BBQ Chicken Flatbread, chips, carrots w/ ranch, Oatmeal Cookie
Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Angel Food Cake
Lasagna, Corn, Salad, Brownie
Fish Sticks, Hush Puppies, Carrots, Sherbet
Turkey Melt, Tortilla chips, Carrots/Ranch, Banana
Breaded Cheese Ravioli, Green Beans, Breadstick, Peaches
Potato Bar (6-12)
Chicken Sandwich, Chips, Carrots w/ Ranch, Pineapples
Chicken and Dumplings, Green Beans, Roll, Grapes
Beefy Queso Nachos, Refried Beans, Salad, Oranges
Mini Corn Dogs, Chips, Baked Beans, Apples
Sweet & Spicy Boneless Wings, Broccoli n' Cheese Sauce, Egg roll, Pineapples
Sliced Ham, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Chocolate Chip Cookie
Papa Murphy Pepperoni Pizza, Salad, Corn, Brownie
Frito Chili Pie, Corn, Apples, Chocolate Chip Cookie
Chicken & Cheese Crispitos, Chips w/queso, Corn, Sherbet
Chicken Pot Pie, Salad, Broccoli, Melon Mix,
Potato Bar (6-12)
Ranchero Tornado, Chips & Salsa, Green Beans, Orange Cake