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Student Withdrawal Form
  • Please only use this form if one of the following conditions are met:

    1. You need to immediately withdraw your student and he/she will not complete the current school year. 
    2. Your student was re-enrolled via Continuous Enrollment for the upcoming school year, but you need to withdraw him/her after the Opt-out deadline of Feb 15th.

    Please complete one form per student.

    *Be advised there is a $100 administrative fee assessed per student for all withdraws outside of Continuous Enrollment. 

    If you simply need to notify the school that your student will not be returning after the completion of the current year, please complete the Continuous Enrollment Opt-out Form. That form can be found under Admissions and is to be completed prior to Feb 15th

  • The following items (if applicable) must be returned to the school within 1 week of your student's withdrawal:

    • Student ID
    • ID Badge or Lanyard
    • Chromebook & Charger
    • Textbooks
    • Athletic Uniforms
    • Library Books
    • Any other property that belongs to the school.