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Arkansas Christian Preschool is using A BEKA Book Publications and other educational curriculum. A Beka Book is a day-by-day teaching curriculum produced by Christian teachers and administrators aimed at building Christian character.  We also incorporate the Arkansas Kindergarten Readiness Checklist into our daily teachings. Arkansas Definition of School Readiness -- school ready children have the social and academic knowledge, skills and behaviors for school success and lifelong learning. Parents are given a Kindergarten Readiness Checklist beginning at the K3 level.  This checklist consists of a set of skills and knowledge that children must acquire in order to be properly prepared to enter Kindergarten.  

We provide a loving and nurturing environment filled with social interaction that is crucial in early childhood development. Children at Arkansas Christian Preschool are encouraged to learn and play together daily as they explore their environment. We facilitate learning by incorporating small amounts of age appropriate curriculum into each day's schedule.

We carefully select our preschool staff to ensure your child is being cared for by the highest quality teachers and caregivers. We want to ensure that you are completely at ease, as you are entrust us with the care of your children.

ACA Preschool staff must meet the following requirements:
  • First Aid and CPR

  • Approved by DHS through Criminal, Maltreatment and FBI check.

  • 15hours of educational training approved through DHS.

  • Training of DHS licensing requirements.