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Christian education is a partnership between students, faculty and parents that provides an opportunity for the students to learn and experience academics, athletics, and fine arts through a biblical worldview and in the presence of Christ-honoring faculty.

An Arkansas Christian Academy education is a unique opportunity to experience a rigorous, college-preparatory education but with the advantage of the core of biblical truth at the center of the curriculum and woven throughout the curriculum. This Christian philosophy of education is at the core of all areas of study.

As a Christ-honoring, college preparatory school, our educational philosophy is shaped by the Bible, which we believe to be the inerrant, infallible Word of God. Each day at Arkansas Christian Academy begins with an intentional focus on spiritual growth through our morning Chapel period, in which students sing songs of worship and participate in interactive Bible lessons.

At Arkansas Christian Academy we understand the importance of a well rounded curriculum, and take great effort to constantly evaluate and improve our educational plan.  Our ultimate goal is to prepare students for college, the world, and life well beyond education.

We, as a Christian school are devoted to developing, not only the mind, but the whole child: spirit, soul, and body.  Our educational focus is centered on teaching life skills, preparing our students for college and growing a relationship with the Lord. We accomplish this by a Christ-centered atmosphere, beginning with morning Bible lessons in Chapel, academics in the classroom, and continuing through to our athletics program. If you would like to learn specifically about the courses we offer and the curriculum at ACA, in each  grade grouping, please select a school to the left to learn more.