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Arkansas Christian Academy Elementary serves students from K-5 through 5th grade.  We understand that Elementary school is the time the foundation for a child's interest and enjoyment for the education experience can be fostered. We take great effort to employ teachers and administrators that understand the unique complexities of this age group. Children at this age are still growing into their personalities, as well as how they fit into the world around them.  At ACA we recognise the unique and special person of each and every student.  We wish to encourage each child to find his/her way in the world and to spread the love of Jesus Christ as they grow.  

In Elementary at ACA, your student will be challenged to grow intellectually, as well as spiritually. If you would like to learn more about the curriculum taught in the ACA Elementary, please click here. If you, however, need more information or have additional questions regarding whether or not ACA might be the right school for your student, please call the school office at (501) 847-0112. 

If you are ready to begin the admissions process, click here to apply today.