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Welcome to Elementary School at Arkansas Christian Academy! This is an exciting time in the life of a child, but it can also be a very challenging time, not only for a kid, but for the parents as well. It’s during the elementary years that children begin to slowly become more independent. The early elementary years, especially kindergarten, can be a difficult time-from long eight hour school days, to juggling homework, dinner and after school activities, and separation anxiety when it’s time to leave mom and dad. Elementary school can be tough, but it can also be a lot of fun.  It is our goal to make Elementary School a wonderful experience in the life of your precious little one.

If ever you or your child feel a little overwhelmed or just need a little help with coping strategies, my office door is always open! I am available to meet with children and/or parents as needed.  You can reach me at the school office by calling (501) 847-0112 or click here to send me an email. Remember, I am here to help in any way possible.