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The SKILS Program at ACA is a unique program where students with learning differences are provided with assistance in the classroom to accommodate their individual learning styles.  SKILS stands for Supplemental Knowledge and Integrated Learning Services.  The ultimate goal of SKILS is to provide students with the skills necessary to function independently in the classroom and beyond.  This goal is accomplished by providing additional instruction and resources geared to meet the specific needs of the students in the program.

SKILS supports students in the regular classroom in grades K5-5. This support is implemented in a variety of ways, depending on grade level.  Students in grades 6-8 are serviced through a scheduled study hall.

All student accommodation plans are determined by the academic team.  These plans are then discussed and agreed upon by parents prior to admittance to the program. Our end goal with the SKILS Program is to move students towards independence, to the best of their ability.

Please see below for Frequently Asked Questions regarding SKILS at ACA.  If you would like more information, or to schedule a meeting to determine if your student would benefit from the program, please contact us by email at or by phone at (501) 847-1559.

Frequently Asked Questions

Admission to SKILS is based on referral by a parent or teacher.  Final admittance must be agreed upon in writing.
In grades K5-5 no testing is required for admittance.  However, students in grades 4-5, who have been enrolled in SKILS for more than 2 years will require formal testing prior to being permitted to continue with the program.
Students in grades 6 and above must have current testing on file to participate in the SKILS Program.
A student with A’s and B’s for two consecutive quarters may be considered for transition out of SKILS, based on the demand and waiting list for the program. 
Likewise, students who exhibit that they can be successful on their own, may be transitioned out of the program with approval of the SKILS Director.

Arkansas Christian Academy will endeavor to honor the IEP (Individualized Education Plan), ISP (Individualized Service Plan), or 504 plan of any enrolled student, as it is written; however, as a private school, Arkansas Christian Academy is not bound by state mandates that dictate the requirements made by a student’s IEP, ISP, or 504. We will develop a mutually agreed upon reasonable accommodation plan that aligns our available resources with the student’s needs. 

Grades K-3

The SKILS Program is primarily a service to provide intervention. Our goal is to help students get up to speed, or at least close the gap, in areas of deficit. We do not diagnose students with any disability or learning difference but may recommend testing based on observations in the classroom or in small group work. Intervention may or may not include the work being completed in the regular classroom.

Grades 4-6
SKILS works with the classroom teacher to provide support primarily in the classroom. Students are assisted with work from their regular classroom.

SKILS service in grades 6-8 is provided through a specialized scheduled study hall period. SKILS functions primarily as organized instruction time and teaches students how to manage study habits, stay organized, and keep up with assignments.  Some test preparation is included in the service but is viewed as support rather than the primary source for studying.

No, the SKILS Program is provided as an additional service above regular tuition.  If you would like more information regarding the program, please call the school at (501) 847-0112 and ask to speak with the SKILS Director