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Arkansas Christian Academy shares it's campus with Family Church Bryant.  We are located on the Interstate 30 frontage road in Bryant, Arkansas.


Our campus is comprised of multiple buildings. The Preschool is located inside of the Family Church Bryant main building. Along the frontage road, you will find the Family Life Center, which houses the Arkansas Christian Academy gym/cafeteria, as well as the Elementary School building.


Elementary Building


You can access the Middle/High School by way of Sheaff Road during drop off and pick up hours.



The Football field, field house, and playground area are located near Sheaff Road, behind the Middle/High School building. 















The main gym is just to the left and is also connected to the elementary building. This is where our cafeteria is located as well.















The Elementary gym is utilized for PE classes and indoor recess when it's too hot/cold/rainy to play outside. 
The new Elementary Gym is located catty-corner to the elementary building and across the drive from the football field.